It is our mission to fulfill the mandate of the "Great Commission" given by our Lord Jesus Christ to His disciples in all ages.  The expressed purpose of this ministry is to be an evangelistic arm to reach every community possible with the intent of imparting to every person the message of the "good news" of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God’s Fresh Manna is a ministry that was birthed through Supt. Dexter L. Coleman Sr..  The ministry focuses on awakening a greater and more forceful outreach for the Kingdom of God through the delivery of the “fresh manna” of God’s word.

Please be patient with us as we prepare to deliver to you a “FRESH WORD” through our website! We are working adamantly to get the site up in full capacity.  Until then, please feel free to visit our local church website, www.kingdomharvestcogic.org
.  There you will be able to find information about our ministry as well as our church.

We are excited to share and minster to you through this venue!

Until we meet,
Supt. Dexter and Lady Paula Coleman
P.O.  Box 170008 | Dallas, Texas 75217 | Phone:  (972) 557-9351 | Fax:  (972) 557-8302 | Email: godsfreshmanna@aol.com